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Seventh Grade Science
Course Syllabus
Mrs. Gilpin 2007-2008

The seventh grade program is based on a hands-on approach to science. Most of class time is spent with the students involved in hands-on activities.

Course Content

The seventh grade curriculum includes the following physical, earth, and life science content:

Scientific Method



Physical Change





Respiratory System

Circulatory System





Solar System

Student Expectations

Students should be in their assigned seats with their notebooks, working on the bell work activity before the tardy bell rings.Each student MUST come to class with a PENCIL OR PEN!!Students will also follow all of the 7th Grade Procedures that have already been discussed.


Grades will be taken on daily bellwork, tests, quizzes, projects, participation, investigations, etc.Grading will be explained in more detail later in the syllabus.Parents have access to all of a studentís grades through ParentConnect.If you have not signed up for ParentConnect, please talk to the office and they will help you.


The students will do almost all of their daily work in their Science notebooks.Each student will need to bring (2) 100 page composition style notebooks to Science class at the beginning of the school year.One notebook will be used during the first semester and the second notebook will be used for the second semester.I will store the notebooks for the second semester in my classroom.

During the first week of school students will be instructed on how to set up their notebooks.These notebooks will contain their bellwork and the daily work from our lab investigations.

Homework and Make-up work

Most of our work in science is laboratory based, so there is usually little science homework. Make-up labs will be held during the lunch period every 1 to 2 weeks (as needed). Students may have a homework assignment to replace the lab they missed if it is appropriate.If a student knows they are going to be absent, they should tell me ahead of time and I will provide make-up work.When a student is absent, it is the studentís responsibility to ask the teacher for make-up work.

Mrs. Gilpin's Webpage

My webpage address is Students and parents can use this site to find out what is going on in 7th grade science. I will post the bellwork each week on this site and also a monthly calendar detailing the planned activities. My site also has links for the 7th grade homeroom page and other cool science links.


Grading in Seventh Grade Science
Mrs. Gilpin

Your assignments will count approximately the following percentage for 9-week grades-

v       40% Tests and Quizzes

v       40% Lab Investigations and Bellwork

v       20% Participation, Cooperation and Effort



Each test score will be counted as two grades when averaging the final grade.If you are not satisfied with the score you made on the test, you may retake the test within five school days in order to improve your score.The grades for the first and second scores will be averaged for a final score.



Every day at the beginning of class there will be a question on the overhead screen that directly relates to the investigation that we are currently studying.Students will write the question and answer it on the appropriate page in their notebook.

I will grade Bellwork every week on Friday.This will be one of the grades that students will receive every week.Bellwork will be worth 50 points/per week.Bellwork is a requirement not an option in my class.Students who choose to not do Bellwork will be assigned ZAP.On Mondays I will post the Bellwork questions for the entire week on a bulletin board in my room and on my web-page.



Notebooks will also contain all the daily work (tables, graphs, data, etc) students do during our investigations.This part of notebook will be graded at the end of each unit.



Students will receive a grade for their participation, cooperation, and effort during class time.Five (5) points a day will be awarded based on these criteria. Students will have different responsibilities each day.†† These jobs include, gathering lab equipment, returning lab equipment, sharing group data with the class and returning notebooks at the end of class. I will assign these jobs each day in class. Completion of these jobs each day will count towards the cooperation grade. Students will be able to earn up to 25 points a week.



Late work will have 30% deducted from the score if turned in after the due date.Late work will not be accepted the last week of the 9 weeks.If you are absent you need to make arrangements to come to a make-up lab session.



ZAP is a program designed to teach students that failure is not an option at Irving Middle School. It keeps students from getting behind on work in their classes, and helps them make a connection between doing the work and passing the class. ZAP ensures that high expectations are maintained for all students. Students are ZAPPED when they fail to turn in/complete an assignment. In the seventh grade, all assignments completed in ZAP will receive a maximum grade of 50%.



Discovery is one of the most important processes in Science.To encourage individual discoveries students will be given two opportunities per nine weeks to research and report on a science topic that interests them.These reports should be less than 1(one) page in length and must include their sources.Each report will be worth a maximum of 25 extra points.Students interested in extra credit reports should see Mrs. Gilpin for more information.

Students will also be given an opportunity every 2 or 3 week to take home a grade sheet.This sheet will show your letter grade and percent grade.There will be a place for the parent/guardian to sign the slip.If the student brings back the signed slip within 2 days, they will receive 10 extra credit points.



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