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Updated 12/14/09





 Did you miss out on ordering your official Whittier School Tshirt or Hoodie?  If so, contact Mrs. Lauchner (llauchner@norman.k12.ok.us).  She has extras and it is first come, first serve.  Shirts are $15 and hoodies are $25.  They make great gifts for the holidays!





Congratulations to the following Mr. and Mrs. Claus’

A Lunch                                           B Lunch

Core 6-1

John Barry / Kylie Canada            Caden Verble / Jennifer Sun

Core 6-2

Noah Ratcliffe / Sara Gilbert         Will Flax / Jordyn Bowles

Core 6-3

Jake Brewer / Anna Matthews     Justin Cooke / Maddi Bennett

Core 7-1

Connor Schuester /                        Nick Rable / Jessica Barrett

Katey Leeviraphan

Core 7-2

Zeke Beniot / Hailey West             Riley Cabral / Dru Collins

Core 7-3

Sam Smith / Alyssa Petty    Ethan Filippo/Courtney McDorman

Core 8-1

Cole Massad / Sarah Sheldon       Benny Russell / Blakely Bynum

Core 8-2

Zach Neighbors / Kaitlyn Canavan  Jordan Pryor / Taylor Jones

Core 8-3

Cory Walden / Ashleigh Isaac       Kaz Bycko / Kathya Salazar









Come to Tuesday Tutors every Tuesday after school for 1 hour of homework help.

NO Tuesday until after winter break.