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Selection of Instructional Materials*

The selection process should begin with the formation of a district selection policy. The media selection policy reflects basic factors influencing the nature and scope of collections, such as curriculum trends, innovations in learning and availability of materials and equipment.

THE SELECTION PROCESS: Selection of materials should be a cooperative process involving the media staff, curriculum consultants, teachers and students. The process of examining and evaluating materials and equipment being considered for purchase is continuous and systematic.

1. LIBRARY MEDIA SPECIALIST: A leadership role must be assumed by the library media specialist. This person is uniquely qualified by training and experience for this role and can balance school needs with a knowledge of the existing collection and availability of media on the market.

2. TEACHERS: Teachers should be involved in the selection process. They know their fields and students and are primarily responsible for student activities.

3. STUDENTS: Individual students can provide a valuable service by previewing, making suggestions and actual tryouts.

4. PARENT AND COMMUNITY: It is not recommended that parents select materials, but they should be considered in establishing the guidelines. The collection should reflect the economic and ethnic backgrounds of the community.

WHERE SUITABLE TITLES CAN BE FOUND: Materials and equipment should be evaluated prior to purchase by use of reliable evaluation selection tools and by firsthand examination whenever possible. Published evaluations, including those in reviews, recommended lists, and standard bibliographic tools are used in selection. The following are recommended selection aids. The most basic titles are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Booklist. American Library Association--published bi-monthly--covers print and non-print K-12--brief, critical reviews--reviews by editors and media specialists--not recommended titles are omitted

Gushers & Dusters. Oklahoma State Department of Education--recent print publications are reviewed--reviewed by Oklahoma librarians--contains both favorable and not recommended reviews

Horn Book Magazine.--recommended reviews only--reviews films and recordings--excellent articles--list Braille books

School Library Journal. --reviews by librarians only, both favorable and unfavorable--articles and news about librarians and related areas--non-print reviews included

VOYA. Voice of Youth Advocates--reviews book and audiovisual materials including reprints and professionalmaterials--short, selected articles

Books in Print Plus with Reviews on CD-ROM.

Software Reviews on File

*Reprinted with permission from Oklahoma State Department of Education