Welcome to Mrs. Bischoff’s Class



My name is Lisa Bischoff. I went to school at the University of Oklahoma for four years to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education. I began teaching in the area of Special Education in the Norman Public Schools in 1994.

I began teaching at Longfellow Middle School, and stayed there for three years. When the new High School opened, I was transferred to Alcott Middle School with the class of students I was teaching at Longfellow. The first year I was at Alcott, I was voted to be the Teacher of the Year, which was a big honor.

The students I teach are Moderately Mentally Retarded. I began working in this field for the challenging and rewarding work that I would be able to do. I have been at Alcott for 7 years, now. I have had several teaching assistants throughout the years. We have really had some interesting and enjoyable students.


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