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                 Jackson Elementary
                                     Gifted/Schoolwide Enrichment
∑ Jackson's Gifted / Schoolwide Enrichment program offers students challenging, enriching, and interesting opportunities to learn more, do more and be more!
∑ Appropriate pacing and differentiated instruction take place every day in the regular classroom.
∑ Calendar - Upcoming Events!    
∑ District Gifted Meetings for Parents: Meet at the Curriculum Center, 131 S. Flood
		Sept. 12, 7:00 PM
		Nov. 14, 7:00 PM
		Feb. 6, 7:00 PM
		May 7, 7:00 PM
∑ Musical Programs:  See Main Jackson Website calendar
∑ <><>Ongoing activities and opportunities:	
∑ Top Tiger Readers with Mrs. Seat 
∑ Chess Club with Mr. Wilson 
∑ Student Council with Mrs. Allgood
∑ Jump Rope Club with Mrs. Coleman  
∑ Outdoor Classroom activities 
∑ Honor  Choir with Mrs. McElroy and Mrs. Austin 
∑ Orchestra Strings for 5th grade 
∑ Spring Track Meet 
∑ Service Learning Club with Mrs. Dmytryk 
∑ Spring Super Kids Day 
∑ Jogathon        
∑ Walking Club
∑ Mrs. Allgood's Enrichment Classes
∑ 5th Grade- Math Olympiad group meets each week for advanced problem solving contest 
∑ 5th Grade whole class lessons involving testing skills and PASS requirements
∑ 5th Grade small groups include affective support, writing groups, and others
∑ 4th grade Math Olympiad group meets each week for advanced problem solving contest 
∑ 4th grade whole class lessons included visual perception skills training and activities 
∑ 4th grade small groups focus on writing, careers, and various topics requested by students
∑ 3rd Grade small groups include Writing Enrichment, Math Enrichment
∑ Independent Research/ Science Projects Club
∑ Travel Club 
∑ Zoo Club (focusing on research skills)
Math Enrichment
∑ 2nd grade small groups may include:
∑ Science experiments,
∑ Mysteries
∑ Writing Short Stories
   Presidential Biographies
∑ All Girls and All Boys groups discussing science and inventions
∑ Math Enrichment
∑ 1st grade small groups include:
∑ Reading and writing enrichment
∑ Math enrichment
∑ Thinking skills, visual perception skills.
∑ For any questions about Jackson's enrichment programs, please contact Susan Allgood at Jackson, 366-5884 or email at sallgood@norman.k12.ok.us
∑ Suggested Links
If you have found a great website to share with other parents,  please let Mrs. Allgood know about it!  
∑ http://ditd.org     Davidson Institute for Talent Developmentóresources for supporting your gifted child.
**Renzullilearning.com for Independent research and exploration

**everydaymathonline.com for math games

**And check the Jackson website for more great math and reading activities.
** freespirit.com offers books and information for parents raising gifted kids.

∑ ∑ Looking for a good book? 
® ® The song in this book was written by my mother for me when I was a little girl. www.jagpub.com
® ® If you like earth science and the poles. 
® ® SoonerElementary Engineering and Science Clubs 
® ® Cool toys, games, family trips, etc.
® ® For a fun math puzzle visit:  http://digicc.com/fido/
® ® For daily SET and Quiddler challenges visit:
∑ http://webmath.com  for pre-algebra math practice.

® ® Do you have an interest in aviation? If so, you might want to visit: http://www.avkids.com
® ® The National Association of Gifted Children web site.   http://www.nagc.org/
® ® Questions about raising a gifted child? Visit:

 Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I know if my child is identified as Gifted? The school will mail letters to parents in October explaining our Gifted Program and how students are identified for that program. If you receive one of these letters, your child has been identified for our program. If you have never received one of these letters, your child has not been identified at this time.
But my child participates in Mrs. Allgood's classes, doesn't that mean he/she is gifted? Not necessarily. At Jackson, our small group enrichment classes are open to students based on individual interests and abilities. Some students who love to write participate in our writing enrichment groups without being identified as gifted. Third grade clubs are open to all 3rd graders with the requirement that they must keep up with class assignments. Some gifted students do not participate in small groups because they are not interested in that particular topic.
How are children identified as gifted? The Norman School District has set specific requirements regarding this process. We utilize a variety of age-normed ability tests and nationally normed achievement tests for identification. A minimum composite score of 97% on an age-normed ability test is required for admission into Category I Gifted. A composite score of 12 on our Gifted Identification Matrix will qualify a student for Category II Gifted.  This could include a score of 92-96% on an age-normed ability test and a minimum composite score of 97% on a nationally-normed achievement test.   We now have objective means of identifying gifted students in areas such as writing, music, dance, and others. Please contact Susan Allgood, Jackson's Gifted Resource Coordinator, 366-5884, or Donna Walker, Norman Public Schools Director of Gifted and Testing, 364-1339, for more information.
Disclaimer: We have made every reasonable attempt to insure that our web pages are educationally sound and do not contain links to materials that violate the District's Student Policy onInternet and Internet Safety for the Computer Network.
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