FRIDaY, MAY 25, 2012


Seniors Ė Please make sure that you turn in all your books, library books and uniforms.Transcripts and diplomas will be held until all debts are cleared!


ATTENTION National Honor Society Seniors: Honor sashes have arrived! Please pick up sashes in Mrs. Davisí room 601 immediately!


Students: If you will be getting your permit or drivers license this summer, go ahead and request the necessary documentation in the Main Office. Remember, your attendance is still an important factor.


Students: Yearbooks are here! If you ordered one and havenít picked it up yet, come by room 500 to get it today! If you havenít ordered one and you want to buy one, bring $75 to room 500, next to the textbook office. We only have 55 left, and we expect to run out before the end of the year, so get yours today! Autograph pages are also on sale for $3. Questions? Please see Ms. Brumley in room 500.


The Norman High School marching Band is looking for some new members of the color guard. If you like to move or dance and desire to be a part of a team, talk with Mr. Deardorf in the Band building.


Students: If you are repeating a class this semester for a better grade, please stop by the main office and let Mrs. Stafford know!


Come by room 504 to buy a Soupstone copy, $11!!


Seniors! GRADUATION!!!


NHS Softball camp will be conducted on June 5th - 8th at Reaves Park. Cost is $100.00 per individual. Please contact Tim Gonzales at 405-447-4590 for further questions.

Hey students!Did you purchase your own novels to read for English?If so, and you don't think you will be reading them again in the future - we would love to have them in the textbook room for future students!Bring them by anytime!


Seniors: It's never too early to start requesting a final transcript to be sent to your college choice.Of course they won't be sent until June 21st, but at least it's off your plate. Fill out the purple form in the main office; also, if you would like to have your diploma and transcripts mailed home to you, after June 21st, stop by the main office and fill out a diploma mailing form.The cost is $1.Also, it would really be helpful if you would eliminate some of those ACT/SAT scores that you do not need. Itwould be nice to keep your transcript to one page and some of these additional scores make it two pages.See Mrs. Stafford.


The one and only Vintage class of 2012 t-shirts are on sale in room 106 for only $5.00.




Junior class: Class of 2013!Junior class t-shirts now on sale in room 205 or 106.They are $15.00 and help support prom! Come get yours today!!!!


Sophomores: Hey Sophomores, get your $10.00 Class of 2014 long sleeve shirt from class officers.




They are gone for now, will return next fall!


Indian Education tutors are available for tutoring help in all core subjects and most other subjects.We will assist you in any way to get the grades that you can be proud of. Please do not hesitate to call us @ 366-5809.


Sure Fails are due by Thursday, May 24th by 4:05 p.m.NO EXCEPTIONS!†† These are only for SENIORS.If you know beyond a doubt that a senior is going to fail your class go ahead and submit your Sure Fail.They are on the edge of Terriís desk.Please return the white and yellow copy.You keep the pink copy.



For Freshman Scholarships at OU!! Go to OU online application at


The Sam Walton Community Scholarship

Scholarship Program administered by the Wal-Mart Foundation

The Foundation is accepting applications and awarding Wal-Mart Associate Scholarships four times a year.Information about scholarship programs administered by the Wal-Mart foundation is available at:

Deadlines: June 1, 2012; September 1, 2012


Dial My Dentist Scholarship Program

This $1000 scholarship is available to students between the ages of 16 and 21.In the fall of this year (September 2012), the student must be attending College or University full-time.



Pi Kappa Alpha-Beta Omicron-University of Oklahoma

The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity is currently offering $500-$1000 scholarships to incoming freshmen at the University of Oklahoma who have displayed excellence in both academics and leadership in high school, and are willing to continue that trend into both their collegiate career and life. See Ms. Cortest for the application.

Deadline: May 31, 2012